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DAF System

GEM System

CWT's innovative flocculation and floatation unit is a unique approach and replacement to traditional DAF treatment systems.   Read more
DAF Treatment

Ask Dr. Colic

Our in-house Ph.D. chemist assists in recommending the best treatment methods and is available to answer questions regarding wastewater treatment.  Read more
Water Technology

NEWS and Events

CWT is an active contributor to the wastewater treatment community, as well as events and organizations of our end-users.  Read more

Complete Wastewater Solutions

Clean Water Technology, Inc. is the leader in solid/liquid separation technologies. Our wide variety of patented technologies introduce novel concepts in mixing flocculation and flotation, the implementation of cutting-edge biological reduction technologies, and a complete array of robust waste water system peripherals which include screen filtration units and automated chemical delivery systems.

Primary Treatment:

CWT's GEM System offers the wastewater industry new technology over traditional DAF Systems, using a smaller footprint, less chemicals and providing drier sludge..

Secondary Treatment:

CWT provides quality turn-key products for biological treatment, including MBBRs, MBRs, Anaerobic Systems and SBRs.

Tertiary Treatment:

CWT provides tertiary treatment systems for applications which require a fine degree of contaminant removal.