CWT Services

Research & Development

Clean Water Technology has a twenty-year history of research and development in water sciences. Clean Water Technology continues to develop products for efficiency, user-friendliness and state-of-the-art performance. We have dozens of patents on technologies that improve liquid/solid separation, gas entrainment, mixing, de-watering, metering, controls and accessories, as well as complete systems that pull the entire product range together into an effective package that is easy for our customers to use.

DAF Treatment

Laboratory Analysis

Clean Water Technology maintains a facility in our Los Angeles, California location for the testing and analysis of our customer’s water samples and continuous evaluation of our R&D projects. In this laboratory we can perform tests that will accurately predict the effects of our full scale on-site systems, giving our clients the accurate information they need to make major investment decisions regarding their facilities and future growth strategies.

Pilot Studies

On occasion, a client comes to us with a problem that is outside the scope of our activity. An on-site pilot study can help to answer questions that cannot be accurately predicted in a laboratory setting. Seasonal products, especially delicate or unusual ingredients with unusually short shelf lives, are prime candidates for this type of on-site analysis. Our Pilot Demonstration System is capable of processing a 5 to 50 GPM side-stream on site with a wide variety of chemical combinations. This system sets up in a day and provides real time data that cannot be duplicated any other way for our customers with special needs.

Consulting & Engineering

Clean Water Technology has a twenty-year history of research and development in water sciences. We bring this talent to bear on every installation. CWT sells Engineered Systems that are designed to work. In order to be successful, we made our systems to fit into our customer’s existing workflow and not be too disruptive for the staff that must oversee the operation of the equipment.

DAF System

Customer Service

Our customer service begins with our first phone call and continues throughout the life of our product's integration in your company. Clean Water Technology believes that we are only as good as our customers think we are. Our installations are monitored and maintained by our highly trained staff of technicians.

CWT Company Profile

Clean Water Technology (CWT) encompasses all aspects of wastewater treatment.

Creators of the GEM System, the most advanced flocculation and floatation system on the market, CWT specializes in solutions for primary treatment (GEM Systems, DAFs, clarifiers), bio-degradation, screens and membrane systems.

In addition to new installations, CWT can retrofit existing DAFs and bio-degradation units. Our systems require a smaller footprint and are more efficient than conventional technologies. We provide waste water solutions which are above and beyond any other comparable products in the industry. In the development of our products, we have surpassed the competition in terms of equipment efficiency, footprint requirements, contaminant removal rates, ease-of-use, more beneficial bi-product generation, and price.

Funded in 1996, Clean Water Technology has focused on improving the technology for the waste water industry. With over 20 patents in the field of flotation and flocculation, the company is the leader of the flotation and flocculation systems through its GAS ENERGY MIXING System (“GEM”). The Company has offices in Los Angeles, CA, South America and in Mexico, and we provide our products throughout the globe.

CWT Services

At CWT we believe that we are only as good as our last project. So, we put everything we have into our designs, installations, equipment and our services. CWT is there for our customers. When we discover newer and better ways of solving our customer’s problems, we bring these advancements to our customers first.

New Customer Evaluation

Any user of water that has a need to improve the quality of water that is discharged from their facility can easily contact our Sales or our Consulting department for an explanation of how our products can put your water treatment goals well within reach at a price that will make fiscal sense.


Our goal is to develop systems that will work in harmony with our customer’s current facilities. Along with our evaluation of the customer’s needs, we provide suggestions that will save our customer’s money and enable our customer to take control of their wastewater problems.

Laboratory Evaluation

We start with a series of field water samples to see if the project goal is reachable for the customer’s budget. Once the general goals and budgets are understood, CWT will characterize the waste stream with 24 hour sampling, and then analyze the equipment needed.


Chemical Design

We use state-of-the-art chemicals for our customers. The chemical package that we select for your job will always take into consideration the unique goals that exist on your site, providing the best performance.

Mechanical Package Proposal

Our systems are also state-of-the-art. We incorporate the finest and easiest to use technology available on the market. Our systems are years ahead of the competition, and each system is custom designed for each customer’s individual needs.


Our systems are pre-engineered and pre-assembled. Our systems are designed so that on-site assembly is kept to a bare minimum. We can install a complete wastewater plant in one day, and have you saving money on chemistry and discharge fees by that evening.


Customer Training

CWT systems are easy to use. You do not need to be a certified PhD or engineer in order to operate our systems. We will properly train your staff to handle all operational and maintenance issues within a few days.

Customer Service & Maintenance

There is very little maintenance on our systems. We use only the best components, which relates to years and years of dependable service. Most of our components are maintenance free, which leaves a lot of time for our Customer Service staff to help our customers optimize their chemical savings.

Technical Support

We are always available to talk about any project that you might be planning. Our dedicated staff is well seasoned and has an eye for finding ways to solve problems geared towards economy, efficiency and ease of use. Putting customers in control of their solutions is what we do.

Company History

  • 2008 - CWT now offers full treatment solutions for both water and wastewater treatment.

  • 2008 - Clean Water Technology relocates to a 40,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles, CA.

  • 2006 - CWT expands its product offerings and begins marketing biological systems.

  • 2004 - CWT starts marketing the GEM system.

  • 2003 - CWT developed a hybrid centrifugal flotation dissolved air flotation system termed the Gas Energy Mixing (GEM) system. It incorporates all advantages of the centrifugal flotation and dissolved air flotation, and is based on the LCPP and LSGM systems.

    With less energy used than any traditional DAF, the list of benefits include: Less noise created, better efficiency for contaminant removal, less chemicals required due to enhanced mixing, facilitates faster operator response from changes of influent water, instantaneous mixing of coagulants and flocculants (eliminating floc tanks and basins), higher maximum contaminant capacity for influent water (as much as 12% solids and greater, up to several times greater than a DAF system). Due to these benefits and the ability to closely monitor the amount of chemicals used (which prevents chemical overdosing and membrane fouling), the GEM system is a highly viable option for pre-treatment of waste water upstream of membrane filtration equipment. It is also discovered that the LSGM is an excellent aeration device, which makes it possible for incorporation into aerobic bio-reactors.

  • 2002 - The Marvin Group acquired CWT.

  • 1998 - CWT developed further modifications of the centrifugal flotation concept based on the Hydrocyclone chamber. New liquid, solid and gas mixing devices, unlike the original Hydrocyclone, can now vary in mixing energy and adjust energy as needed for optimum flocculation. This allows for the addition of chemical additives and optimum liquid-solid separation without floc destruction, thereby eliminating carry-over of solid contaminants in effluent wastewater streams.

    These mixing devices are termed Liquid Cyclone Particle Posistioner (LCPP) and Liquid Solid Gas Mixer (LSGM). Numerous patents and journal articles were submitted, and CWT markets the BAF system.

  • 1997 - CWT modified ASH to improve the efficiency and removal of suspended contaminants from the wastewater streams. This results in the development and commercialization of the Babble Accelerated Flotation (BAF) unit. Numerous patents and journal articles submitted.

  • 1995 - CWT management identified that solid – liquid separations in wastewater treatment based on multiphase phenomena is the most suitable area for the company growth. Flotation technologies become the primary R&D interest.

    CWT acquired a license for the Air Sparged Hydrocyclone (ASH) flotation technology from the University of Utah. Such centrifugal flotation systems have smaller footprints, faster response times and much larger capacities (regarding more contaminant loading than classical dissolved air floatation units), but efficiency improvements were still needed.

  • 1994 - CWT scientists discovered that the mechanism of action of non-chemical (magnetic, electromagnetic, hydrodynamic, cavitation, acoustic, etc.) water treatment is essentially in the modification of multiphase phenomena (gas/liquid/solid interfacial phenomena). Numerous patents and journal articles submitted.

  • 1993 - CWT was founded with the purpose to develop novel water and wastewater technologies based on recent fundamental science and engineering developments. The company was initially active in the area of no chemical water treatment.