DSP: Dewatering Screw Press

CWT: Dewatering Screw PressThe DSP (Dewatering Screw Press) is a powerful wastewater treatment system able to treat many types of industrial wastewaters and sludge in one single operational unit.

CWT's Dewatering Screw Press is uniquely designed to be a fully automated system capable of starting up, operating, and shutting down with zero operator intervention. This Dewatering Press can be set up to achieve both wasting and dewatering of sludge in a single operation, thus making it a revolution in solids handling. The press has a unique dewatering drum that can produce over 20% solids. It is especially useful in the industries that have a high oil and fat content that would be blind to filter materials. Other processes such as slaughter houses, agricultural processes, food processing, wash-down wastes, machining operations and textile processing have had success with the DSP.

The press is capable of dewatering low concentrated sludge from biological processes such as an oxidation ditch, aeration tank, etc., which decreases phosphorus by the method of solids removal in the return water from sludge treatment. With the DSP, features such as a flow control tank to adjust incoming flow volume, built-in timer controlled self-cleaning showers, the ability to handle oily sludge without clogging, a thickening sector which efficiently separates solids from water and collected filtrate water which returns to the primary process makes this system simple, economical and convenient.

Advantages compared to other comparable technologies are:

DSP Dewatering Drum Detail