The Gas Energy Mixing (GEM) System, “Freedom in Floatation”

DAF SystemCWT's innovative flocculation and floatation unit is a unique approach and replacement to traditional DAF treatment systems. The GEM unit can handle a much greater contaminant loading and produce much drier solids, and takes a much smaller footprint than a traditional DAF system.

CWT's innovative flocculation and floatation unit is a unique approach and replacement to traditional DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) treatment. The Gas Energy Mixing (GEM) System can generate better results, handle a much greater contaminant loading, adapt to flow changes and produce much drier solids with a much smaller footprint and using less chemicals than typical DAF systems.

Floatation Advancements

The GEM System obsoletes DAF units in terms of floatation efficiency and operation. Where a DAF unit typically operates under the “collision method” theory for flotation, the GEM System is designed to entrain air into the floc and sludge structure, known as the “floc seeding method”.

In the GEM System, the floc seeding method is accomplished with the following steps:

  • 100% of the waste stream is sent to the GEM System.
  • The waste stream is exposed to high pressure (100-120 psi).
  • Air is dissolved into the waste stream using LSGM technology.
  • Flocculation chemicals are injected into the waste stream using LSGM technology.
  • The floc is formed in the now air-enriched wastewater.
  • Dissolved air is now entrapped inside the floc structure.
  • Water pressure is lowered to ambient.
    • Dissolved air in floc structure comes out of solution.
    • Air inside floc expands, pushing out water.
    • Flocs now float by themselves, as they are now “hollow”.
  • Clean water and buoyant flocs are delivered to floatation tank.

The above process is a completely different process that has been researched and developed over several years by CWT. CWT has developed a floatation process that is completely different and unique from processes that are currently used by traditional technology.

Through these advancements in floatation, and a one-of-a-kind approach to the floatation process, the GEM System is able to achieve the following benefits:

Chemical Dosing and Mixing Achievements

Along with the GEM System’s engineered process for floatation and flocculation, the GEM System uses the advanced LSGM (Liquid Static Gas Mixer) technology for air entrainment and chemical mixing.  CWT has developed and patented its LSGM technology, and is the core concept of how the GEM System operates.

The GEM System comes with a standard of 6 LSGM cartridges, piped together in series.  The LSGM consists of a stainless canister, with a cartridge insert.  Each cartridge insert has a series of holes, with removable inserts.  Each LSGM cartridge can be configured by removing or adding inserts.  Removing or adding inserts on the LSGM cartridge allows the configurability of mixing energy for air or water treatment chemicals.

The ability to adjust the mixing energy across each head of the GEM System has the following benefits:

With the ability to configure each LSGM head on the GEM System, the GEM System is able to accommodate any combination of treatment methods or applications.