GEM System - Superior Aeration

The GEM System does away with re-circulation loops, prevalent in older technologies, which only aerate a fraction of the wastewater stream.  Unlike older technology, the GEM System aerates 100% of the raw wastewater stream.

Before the flocculation process occurs, the GEM System pulls 100% of the wastewater stream from the source, and injects air under high pressure, normally around 100-120 psi.  Since air is dissolved into 100% of the stream, this allows air to dissolve and attach to all contaminant particles that exist in the wastewater stream.

The GEM System’s aeration process provides numerous benefits, since bubble attachment will occur to the smallest particles in the wastewater stream due to the fact that the bubble attachment process occurs within the entire raw wastewater stream, while the air is dissolved and under pressure.  The GEM’s aeration method is superior to a typical re-circulation “loop”, which will only aerate a portion of the total flow, and only dissolves air into a stream which is already treated, and then passes the aerated stream into the low pressure tank in order to try and “collide” with particles or flocs within that tank.

In addition, the GEM System’s process utilizes 100% of the air that is injected, increasing efficiency.  All of the air used in the GEM System comes in contact with particles and/or is seeded inside of floc structures.  Since the “collision method” is not used in the GEM System, there is no chance that bubbles will collide and then “bounce off” of particles and floc structures.

The GEM System’s unique approach to aeration provides numerous benefits for the flocculation and floatation process, whether you are using chemicals for flocculation or using a non-chemical treatment regime.