GEM System - Chemical Dosing and Mixing Achievements

The GEM System is able to utilize all chemicals available for wastewater treatment, which includes the latest polymers of flocculants available on the market. High grade flocculants consist of polymers with very long molecular chains. Although these chains are long and require a decent amount of mixing energy to fully utilize, they are very delicate as well and over mixing will break the chains which will reduce overall chemical efficiency. Using the GEM System’s adjustable LSGM heads to control the mixing energy, the GEM System is able to deliver the force required to un-coil the long molecular chains, while providing enough control to prevent too much energy being applied.

Adjustable Mixing Energies Across Each Head

Each GEM System comes with 6 LSGM heads plumbed in series, and allows six different points of injection and mixing.  Each head can be adjusted to allow a specific mixing energy to ensure that the waste stream, application and physical chemical requirements can be met, as different elements such as chemicals (flocculants, pH, etc.) and air require a wide variety of different mixing energies in order to be most effective at treating the wastewater stream.

The GEM System allows a multitude of chemical combinations since six different points of chemical injection are provided with each of the LSGM heads.  In addition, each LSGM head can be configured to a specific mixing energy for the chemical being injected.  The result is complete freedom in that one GEM System can satisfy all possible chemical combinations and wastewater treatment requirements.

Any adjustments that are needed to the LSGM heads can be performed within minutes.  Once the adjustments are made, they will never need to be re-configured unless the stream changes drastically or there is a change in the chemical regime.

Since the mixing energies can be finely tuned, greater chemical efficiencies are obtained since just the right amount of energy can be used for each chemical being injected.  This also results in less chemical being used.

DAF Treatment

Higher Contaminant Removal Rates

Due to greater chemical efficiencies through the use of the LSGM heads in the GEM System, and the ability to fully un-coil molecular chains of flocculants, contaminant removal within the GEM System is much higher than DAF systems.

DAF System