GEM System - More Responsive, Easier Operation

With the GEM System, the entire wastewater stream is treated in the LSGM heads before it reaches the floatation tank.  Chemicals are injected directly in-line, into the LSGM heads in which they are immediately mixed into the wastewater stream.

Since the entire flocculation process occurs in the LSGM heads before reaching the tank of the GEM System, an operator can make a change to the chemical dosing rate into the LSGM heads and see the effect in the GEM System within seconds.  The operator does not have to wait for chemicals to react within contact chambers, or for the water to flow through a large DAF floatation tank in order to see results of the chemical change.

Also, since all of the flocs float independently, an operator can start and stop the GEM System at any time, for any length of time, without fear of sedimentation occurring.

The design of the GEM System provides easier operation over traditional DAF technology.  The results are greater chemical efficiency and cleaner water through more responsive operational checks.