GEM System - Flow and Contaminant Loading Freedom

With the GEM System, the entire wastewater stream is treated in the LSGM heads before it reaches the floatation tank.  By the time the stream is ejected into the tank from the last LSGM head, it is in the form of treated water and buoyant flocs.  The flocs float independently and automatically float to the top of the tank.  The tank is used only for skimming the flocs off of the surface of the water.

Since the tank is only used for skimming, the size of the tank is only determined by the maximum flow rate of the GEM System itself.  If contaminant loading increases, it is not relevant to the sizing of the tank.  The GEM System eliminates retention time considerations in reference to contaminant loading, as no aeration “contact time” is needed.  This allows the GEM System to adapt to a wide variety of flows and high contaminant loadings.

Each GEM System model has a minimum and maximum flow range that it can be calibrated to operate at.  If the plant ever wishes to increase or decrease the flow rate of the GEM System, it can be done without any additional capital expenditure, within minutes.  If wastewater contaminant loadings ever increase, the GEM System will not need to change its configuration or tank dimensions.

All of our customers who have replaced or retrofitted DAF systems with the GEM System have increased flow handling capacity and increased contaminant loading capacity while doing so in a much smaller space.