GEM System - Elimination of Re-circulation Loops, Air Grids and Lamella Plate Packs

The GEM System does away with re-circulation loops and air grids, and needs only one pump to forward feed the wastewater stream through the series of LSGM heads, creating the “Floc Seeding” process unique to the GEM System.

Since all of the water is treated by the time the wastewater reaches the floatation tank, and air is already entrapped inside the floc for floatation, there is no need for re-circulation loops or air grids to introduce air into the tank.

This eliminates plugging problems which exist in older technologies, where solids, fats, oils and grease will plug the air grids and re-circulation pumps.

In addition to eliminated plugging, the GEM System is more energy efficient, as only one pump is needed to feed the water through the GEM System.

The GEM System also does away with Lamella plate packs, and replaces them with an improved “false bottom” which greatly enhances laminar flow.