GEM System - Standardized Design

With the GEM System, the entire wastewater stream is treated in the LSGM heads before it reaches the floatation tank.  By the time the stream is ejected into the tank from the last LSGM head, it is in the form of treated water and buoyant flocs.  The flocs float independently and automatically float to the top of the tank.  The tank is used only for skimming the flocs off of the surface of the water.

Since the tank is only used for skimming, the size of the tank is only determined by the maximum flow rate of the GEM System itself.

Since the size of the floatation tank will not change depending on contaminant loading levels, CWT was able to design standardized models with various flow rates, which will work for a vast array of industrial wastewater applications.

The standardized design of the GEM System allows greater reliability and cost effectiveness versus competing technologies.  CWT is able to use higher grade materials and quality components at a very competitive price, while providing better technology over traditional DAF systems.